The LeapFrog House - Leed Home for Sale Portland Oregon The LeapFrog House - Leed Home for Sale Portland Oregon

Partners & Resources

Design and Construction Team Partners:

Construction: Stephen Aiguier (owner), Alex Boetzel (project manager), Green Hammer Construction
Design: Kathy Kremer, K. Kremer Designs (503-636-1977)
Engineering: James G. Pierson Consulting Structural Engineers

Project Suppliers:

FSC lumber: Sarah Deumling, Zena Forest Products (503-585-6380)
Milling: Kevin Kaster, Kaster’s Kustom Cutting
FSC plywood and glu-lams, CertainTeed Weatherboard: Parr Lumber
Madrone countertops, reclaimed wood: Endura Wood Products
Wood reclaimed from site: Urban Timberworks
Solar: Jonathan Cohen, Imagine Energy
HVAC: Norm Matheis, Specialty Heating
Rainwater treatment components: Lee Jaslow, Conservation Technology
Plumbing: Dean Rothe, NaDean’s Plumbing (503-869-0416)
Concrete: James Arnold (503-799-8876)
Appliances: Thom Feller, Basco
Lighting design: Stephanie Cissna, Globe Lighting Design Services (503-639-8816)
Lighting: Scott Svoboda, Bescoe (503-232-6883)
Colors: Joan Mullen Woods Interiors (503-753-0485)
Site work: Bill Kleeman, Ecologic Excavation (971-219-1795)
Landscaping: Susan Latourette, CreativeSpaces (503-244-7176)

Useful Links:

Earth Advantage
City of Portland’s Green Building program
Green building resources

Special Thanks To:

Charlie Stephens and Jonathan Cohen (energy)
Norm Matheis and Jim McKillip (HVAC)
Alex Zimmer (interior design)
David Blackmon and Bill Lawrence (financing)
Brieanna O'Duinn (web development)
Our neighbors, family and friends